• MaxPilote V4 (freeware)

    Great innovation in the automation of astronomical nights Maxpilote V4 provides additional response using analysis MaxSelector to evolve during the night schedule. Very friendly and most comprehensive support available directly from each tab.

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  • MaxSelector V1 (freeware)

    This software allows you to estimate the FWHM of your images, allowing you to see the quality of your raw data. It also calculates the roundness of stars, an important parameter for alignment during pre-processing. The SNR (signal noise ratio) is an overall quality factor of the image. Curvature and Tilt parameters can be used to adjust your mechanical settings.

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  • Lolo Felopaul by Walcho

  • Last Picture - NGC281

    Pacman Nebula in SHORGB, Done With Maxpilote

    Picture done in Flagey Observatory, from 12/09/14 to 02/11/14 with ours Orion Optics ODK 20", Moravian G4-16000 on a Paramount ME2, total frame 51H with filter SHORGB

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  • Last Picture - IC1805

    Hearth Nebula in SHO, Done With Maxpilote

    Picture done in Vagney Observatory, from 28/08/14 to 14/10/14 with ours TEC140, Moravian G4-16000 on a EQ8, total frame 71H with filter SHORGB

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Last News
  • 05-01-2020 New Version MaxPilote V4.03.23
  • - manage Temp. with curve non linear
    - Manage Dust Cover with Phidget interface
    - use @focus3 of TheskyX
    - detect phase Moon for filter
    - optimise use of "Carte du Ciel"
    - Now use Frameworks.NET 4.62
    - Now use ASCOM 6.3
    - Now use AAGCloudWatcher 7.30.100